1. Can I rent a unit for use in a park?

YES! With proper notice we can scope out the situation and bring our units almost anywhere. We are insured, and work with most cities and municipalities. Reserving your public space may involve some leg work, but together, obtaining permits and making some calls should not be a problem. You are a valued customer and we are here to do our best to try to meet your needs.


2. Can I use silly string, shampoo or shaving cream to play with on the units? Will shampoo make the slide faster?

NO! These products can cause severe damage to inflatable items are not permitted on or in our units. The slides are created for ultimate speed without artificial products. Just wait and see how fast they are! Thank you for your understanding.


3. Can I put all ages of children on the bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses?

YES! However it is important you supervise to make sure you only group like ages on the unit at a time. We suggest blocking the time, 10 minutes for each age group and rotating throughout the party.


Suggested age groups:

4 and under



12 and up


We trust you to use your own discretion. We all know how nerve-racking it is having a 3 year old in a bounce house at the same time as a 10 year old!  That is why we suggest breaking up the ages. Sometimes it may even pay to get two houses for large parties, one for the younger children and one for older children. Please know we do not offer supervision on our units and when you rent, you understand that you will be supervising.


4. Do you offer multiple rental discounts?

YES! We offer teacher discounts, military discounts, CONCH discounts and discounts to past customers! Just ask! 


5. What about bad weather?

Unfortunately we cannot, for safety reasons, operate in rain and in strong wind conditions. Therefore on the morning of your party we will call you, if the forecast calls for any type of extreme conditions. For your safety we cannot operate in high wind conditions, or if strong rains or lightning is present. At that time we will discuss the options of rescheduling, canceling or changing the delivery time. We do reserve the right to cancel in bad weather before an event. If so, any payment will be 100% refunded. Again, we are here to work with you and do everything we can to meet your needs. During a rental it is very important that YOU monitor the wind and weather conditions. It is important that you deflate the unit (and remove children) if the wind exceeds 15mph, for safety reasons.


6. How do I cancel a reservation?

Since we do not take deposits, we rely on our customers to call us immediately if anything changes in regards to the party and the rental. Please call us as SOON AS YOU KNOW so that we may rent our units out to other families. In good faith, we hold our rentals for you without a deposit, and ask our customers to do the same by keeping us notified. Unfortunately, once we arrive at your home, a reservation cannot be canceled. So please be sure  to call us before the day of the party.


7. What are rules I should enforce with children at my party?

No shoes allowed while jumping in the units

No sharp objects, earrings, eyeglasses, chewing gum, or food of any kind is permitted inside the units

No rough play or flipping is permitted

Occupant grouping should be kept at 6 to 8 per jumping session (depending on size)

Persons with neck or back injuries, or pregnant women are not permitted to jump for risk of injury.

No children may be on or around the unit, without adult supervision! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE- Please let the kids know they may not ever play on a unit without an adult present.

Adults must monitor weather at all times and must deflate each unit during storms or winds exceeding 15 mph.


8. Can grown-ups use the inflatable Equipment?

YES! GO FOR IT! Limit the amount of grown-ups for safety issues! Do not allow children and adults to bounce together!


9. Are you insured?

Yes! Our official company name is Nedin' to Bounce- Inflatable Party Rentals Inc.  We are fully insured with an additional blanket policy for parks and public areas.


10. What shape are your units in? How old are they?

Unlike many companies, we do not purchase used bounce houses. They are absolutely beautiful and perfect and we are keeping them that way. In fact we sell our units to our competitors, once they start wearing. We take pride in our rentals!  


11. Why should I rent from you?

I am sure you can call a couple places and possibly find someone who might carry an old unit for maybe of couple of bucks less......... But we know that with the quality of our brand new products, our attention to detail, our customer service determination, cleanliness, and our dedication to the local community will impress you. As current public school teacher I have cleared all fingerprinting, criminal background checks and child abuse clearances. My husband Jim and I are honest educated professionals. When you hire us, you know who is coming up to your door. You know that we weren’t hired right off the street. You can trust us with your business and family. This is a family business and we work it ourselves. Just give us a call and talk to us.....you will see!