Bouncin'around Family-owned company provides good, clean fun: Just add air, water

Family company provides good, clean fun! 

Leyla Nedin, as a teacher, is intimately familiar with the flushed look of excitement on the face of a child who is running, jumping, leaping and laughing outside. She also knows the blank stare that affixes itself to the same face when a child is parked in front of computer or television, moving only their fingers to control the electronic figures of video games. The difference in those faces is the reason Nedin and her husband, Jim, with three kids of their own, decided to start renting out inflatable bounce houses, waterslides and obstacle courses; and not video games. "As a teacher and parent, I just couldn't imagine us having a business that didn't revolve around kids," said Leyla, who is currently employed as the education director at the Key West Tropical Forest Botanical Garden on Stock Island. (Now Leyla Teaches at a local elementary school in Key West)

The Nedin family created Nedin to Bounce: Inflatable Party Rentals about four years ago while living in Jupiter, Fla. When they moved to Sugarloaf Key nearly six years ago, they brought their business with them. They have been setting up their inflatable, decorated and clean units in backyards and community spaces ever since, and watching the joy on children's face as they scramble into a Disney Princess Bounce House, flop all over their friends and generally wear themselves out. "And then we always tell the parents and other adults to climb on in after they put the kids to bed," Leyla said laughing. "The adults love these things, too, and we've actually rented them out to adult parties." Like moths to a flame, everyone is drawn to a Bounce House or waterslide. Everyone, she said.

And no one has ever looked unhappy while sliding down a giant, bouncy waterslide while getting misted with water. "As a parent I found that there weren't too many family-centered activities going on down here in the Keys," Leyla Nedin said. "We're a very adult-focused community, especially since our economy depends on that." Nedin' to Bounce is the only locally owned company in the Keys that focuses solely on inflatable entertainment. "We're not a complete party rental business, with tables, chairs, clowns and other items," Leyla said. "We just rent out our units, and we are fanatics about cleanliness." The Nedins will meet with prospective renters before a birthday party, community picnic or slumber party, and ensure that the family gets the most appropriate inflatable unit, based on their size of their yard, the age of their kids and the number of guests.

"We'll come out and measure a yard and then figure out which unit will work best," Leyla said.

And there are plenty to choose from. The company currently has 20 different units available for rent, including wet/dry slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses. Those units can also be connected in 65 to 70 different combinations that can also include basketball hoops and climbing walls.  Each rental unit can be customized for party themes with banners showing Disney characters, Sesame Street, palm trees and the personalities from the animated movie, "Cars."

"We try to get two new units each year," Leyla said. "And honestly, after three or four years, we end up selling our units to our competitors, so our customers know they're getting the newest and cleanest rentals from us." Leyla emphasized that her husband, Jim, is a "clean fanatic."

Every time they take down a rented unit, Jim Nedin reinflates it the next day in his own yard to scrub it down with soap and water and then let it dry completely to prevent mold and milder.

"My own kids are bounce house snobs, and when they see a unit that isn't ours, they always complain about how dirty they were," Leyla said. She emphasized that Jim Nedin is always the person who will arrive at a customer's home to deliver and set up the rentals. Having planned her three children's birthday parties for year, Leyla said, "I felt very uncomfortable calling these 1-800 numbers [for inflatable rentals]. I didn't want just anybody to show up at my house, let alone trust them with my child's 'big day.' These days, with everything we hear on the news, you just never know who might show up at your door." The installation takes between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the units and their configuration, Nedin said. Jim Nedin returns to deflate the units and pack them away to begin the rigorous cleaning process.

The company has provided inflatable units for Sugarloaf School picnics, Sigsbee Park family days, private birthday parties and adult gatherings. "Even teen girls love them for slumber parties," Leyla said, adding that not all units are available for overnight rentals. "It has to be in a secure area, in a fenced-in yard." She estimated that kids between the ages of 4 and 14 love the inflatable units, although they recommend that similar age groups be grouped together for the sake of safety.

Pricing varies per unit, but runs between $100 and $375 per eight-hour day. That price includes delivery, set-up, tax and sanitizing. Nedin also emphasized that their employees have also been fingerprinted, background checked and cleared by the state of Florida for criminal histories.

Nedin to Bounce can be reached at 305-393-6045 or online at